Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Changes in Indian visa requirements for Indian for visa application to US

The visa requirements for India are changing by day like other countries. Latest changes by the Native Indian government affect both business visas and tourists. This article will briefly explain the new specifications for Visa Requirements for Indians so that you can better prepare for your next journey to India.

New Tourist Visa Requirements for India

The first alteration to be noted in this process is that the 1-year tourist visa is no more available. Candidates have to select between a 5year and 10-year multiple-entry visa. In addition, the gap between tours must be at least 2 months. Tourists who want to re-visit India frequently must seek special permission to do so. When apply for a tourist Visa Requirements for Indians, you must state the purpose of your journey very clearly. This visa is issued to travelers who want to visit country for recreation, sightseeing and visiting family. If you get into country on a tourist visa, you cannot get involved in business activities, look for employment or pursue research or academic studies. Your current passport should have two blank pages of visa in it, preferably this page will consecutively.

New Business visa requirement for India

As with the tourist visa, one form of business visa is discontinued by the authority. However, it the 10 year visa which is not available but 1 year visa is still available. Business travelers can only select between a 1-year to 5 year multiple entry visas. Additional specifications for the 5-year visa make it more complicated to acquire. For the 5 year multiple entry visa an applicant have to inform visa application for US regarding his trips and provide them schedule when they are going to visit the country and what will be provision of visit, in order to justify the requirement of this kind of visa. . These schedules must be listed on both the cover letter of business and the Invitation letter.

Visa application for US is becoming strict in the needs and making it harder for applicants to acquire a business visa of the country. An important alteration that business travelers need to be aware of is that both the letter of invitation and Cover letter of business for a 5-year visa must record upcoming journey schedules and explain the plans of activities you are going to join here because these changes are recent, it is still not clear how exact you have to be when listing your upcoming departure date.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Role Of A Visa Consultant in US and UAE visa application procedure

With the large distances that people get to travel both on business and pleasure ensures that a good visa consultant is required to keeps maters under control.  The very nature of modern businesses ensures that people are no longer restricted to a single location office.  Mobility brings with it the added issues of visa application for US, its processing and emigration controls.  
While considering pleasure activities, it is often seen that people travel to the most obscure and far away locations just to get away from the usual grinds that is so all around the person.  The affordable means of travel has only increased this phenomenon and looking into the future this trend is only going to get more pronounced.  
The specialized nature of the job
The greater control that world powers need over who goes to what part of the world and when, has meant that more complex controls are exercised that is aimed at keeping tabs on the undesirable elements.  As more and more people get to travel, these exercises must be made more fail safe to help with controlling the movement of people across borders including the UAE visa application.   
Controls come at a price to the mobile people.  They exercise a restriction on the easy and free movement across political boundaries.  At times, the initial screening does vet out the potential trouble makers and a free movement is guaranteed for a number of years in the future.  All this would points to a specialized application of technology and intelligence to achieve greater control of visa application for US.   
The role of experts
Experts or consultants would take advantage of the various controls that governments and airline operators place in the free movement of goods and people.  Thus the very complex nature of the controls ensures good times for the majority of visa consultants that would have set shop in the travel industry.  
The consultants do also have a group among themselves that is aimed at strengthening and protecting their entrenched positions.  As we go forward in creating a more safe society, the role and advice provided by visa consultants are not to be belittled.  Often the strict controls that governments place on people would have benefitted the consultants the most with the average traveler being put to the maximum discomfiture.  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Some Important Points To Follow While Applying For A US Visa applications

As is the case, people have to apply for a visa while traveling to a foreign country and there are some common sense steps that need to be followed.  Each country would have different requirements to issue a visit or a business visa if the reason for travel is related to a person’s profession.  There are countries that enforce the most stringent of norms so much so that having a visa stamped on the passport would at times be a major achievement.  
It is usually the norm that countries that rely on tourism for a major part of their earning activity would have the most relaxed norms while dealing with visitor visa requirements for Indians.  As a visa has a certain security angle to it as well, the people being issued with a visa are normally vetted by the issuing country.  There are occasions when the person concerned had to take steps to build confidence in their visit and prove that the tour is indeed for a legitimate purpose.  
The documentation
It goes without saying that the most crucial part of any US visa application is the documentation.  Everything that the embassy or consulate of a particular country needs as proof, has to be documented.  This is also a method to bring proofs of activities and such matters that the embassy needs to consider positively while issuing a visa.
The best visa applicants would take the trouble of systematically putting together a dossier that would have all that is required at the time of application.  Since this is an important and non dispensable part of any visa requirements for Indians, the entire process must be started well before the travel date in order that time must be given for any further needs.  
Being punctual
That the applicant to any visa must be aware of the various time lines that usually a process as complex as a visa application entails. There is no such thing as a common time schedule.  Each US visa application has different processing times and it is prudent to allow sufficient time over run to take care of any extra work that the concerned embassy needs.  
To be truthful
It would help enormously with any visa application if the person concerned is truthful in maters being presented to the visa issuing authority.  That the authority is not issuing the first visa and most probably all the crooked ways that an applicant would attempt would all have been seen by the people there.  Thus it saves time and effort to be as truthful as possible.