Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Changes in Indian visa requirements for Indian for visa application to US

The visa requirements for India are changing by day like other countries. Latest changes by the Native Indian government affect both business visas and tourists. This article will briefly explain the new specifications for Visa Requirements for Indians so that you can better prepare for your next journey to India.

New Tourist Visa Requirements for India

The first alteration to be noted in this process is that the 1-year tourist visa is no more available. Candidates have to select between a 5year and 10-year multiple-entry visa. In addition, the gap between tours must be at least 2 months. Tourists who want to re-visit India frequently must seek special permission to do so. When apply for a tourist Visa Requirements for Indians, you must state the purpose of your journey very clearly. This visa is issued to travelers who want to visit country for recreation, sightseeing and visiting family. If you get into country on a tourist visa, you cannot get involved in business activities, look for employment or pursue research or academic studies. Your current passport should have two blank pages of visa in it, preferably this page will consecutively.

New Business visa requirement for India

As with the tourist visa, one form of business visa is discontinued by the authority. However, it the 10 year visa which is not available but 1 year visa is still available. Business travelers can only select between a 1-year to 5 year multiple entry visas. Additional specifications for the 5-year visa make it more complicated to acquire. For the 5 year multiple entry visa an applicant have to inform visa application for US regarding his trips and provide them schedule when they are going to visit the country and what will be provision of visit, in order to justify the requirement of this kind of visa. . These schedules must be listed on both the cover letter of business and the Invitation letter.

Visa application for US is becoming strict in the needs and making it harder for applicants to acquire a business visa of the country. An important alteration that business travelers need to be aware of is that both the letter of invitation and Cover letter of business for a 5-year visa must record upcoming journey schedules and explain the plans of activities you are going to join here because these changes are recent, it is still not clear how exact you have to be when listing your upcoming departure date.

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