Sunday, December 11, 2016

Visa application for US a mandatory document for the Indians

Travelling is a fun activity for many who treat their lives by visiting new places and have fun. If anybody travels within the territorial boundaries there is no such visa requirements for Indians. But if the person wishes to travel abroad, the visa and permission to travel the country is needed.The rules to travel, stay and study in abroad differ from one country to the other. Especially,filing the visa application for US is a little difficult process.
Or in other words, we can say that the guidelines to file the visa application for US are a little strict.  The applicant needs to comply with all the requirements in order to get the approval for stay in US.
Visa requirements for Indians explain the entry restrictions as dictated by the authority of the states. The Indian citizens generally have visa free or visa on arrival access to about 52 countries in the world. But the visitors who engage in activities other than tourism, including unpaid work, require a visa or work permit except for countries like Nepal and Bhutan.
However, in the recent times, few considerable changes have taken place like the reciprocity in visa agreements. It refers to the condition where many small agreement has ended in reciprocity in visa arrangement. There are a few countries in which India has received full reciprocity that will include Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, and others where visas are not required at all.
There are some other countries which accept the e-visas like Georgia, Malaysia, Mayanmar, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and others. However, the visa requirements for Indians vary for each country.  
The citizens of India should comply with other requisites like vaccinations, passport validity, limitations on passport use and other similar items for the smooth sail and stay across the African countries.
For a country like US, a duly filled, signed and sealed visa application for US is the basic requisite. The visa allows the candidate to stay in US for about three months at a stretch. The Electronic Travel Authority  approves the validity of the visa for twelve months for visitor/ tourist, business long and business short.
This visa application can also be applied either online or can be obtained after arrival. The online applications are approved faster and permits the stay duration of 30 days at the most. The online web portal displays the exact status of your  visa application for US.
Go grab one your visa to holiday and party hard.

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